Chaikhana Chai Flavors

Chaikhana Chai (Chaikhana means Tea House) is the brand-name for our artisan brewed, easy to use, chai concentrate. We micro-brew hand selected premium whole ingredients including fair-trade and organic tea, ginger root, fresh spices, vanilla beans and local honey. See our latest recipe sheet.

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"ORIGINAL" Regular and Decaf  - is the most popular and versitile of our chai flavors.  Try the blender drink recipe for a refreshing treat.  Nutrition  

"UNSWEETENED CHAI"  Original recipe without sugar - enjoy a pure, tea and spice flavor.  Nutrition


"MASALA" which means "mix of spices" in Hindi, is a spicy brew!  A generous amount of fresh ginger root, crushed peppercorns and chai spices create a delightfully spicy kick.  Wildflower honey adds flavor and sweetness.  Nutrition


"GREEN" is organic green tea brewed with fresh ginger and crushed chai spices.  We calm the recipe with vanilla beans and natural honey. This chai is less sweet than our other flavors and delivers a soothing (but not boring!) moment to your day. Nutrition